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Spring is on it’s way – time to cleanse the body!

Woooooooooo hoooooo it’s finally heating up here in Perth, Australia. Spring is on it’s way, and with it the threat of donning a bikini, board shorts or budgie smugglers (if you’re into that kind of thing!). Most of us are guilty of overdoing it on carbs and other hot yummy food over the winter season, and we feel more comfortable getting away with it because who’s going to see our bare flesh anyway?! No more excuses, it’s time to beat…

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Are you toxic?

  In the last few months I have become even more aware of the toxins I am putting in my body, around my home, how to manage the toxins in our environment, and also how to protect yourself from a build up of emotional toxins. I have always been aware of it but never that bothered enough to do anything much about it, other than occasionally contemplate eating more organic food and having the occasional veggie juice.   After a…

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