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From Surviving To Thriving

Are you struggling to cope with the stress you're under?

 If you're currently under stress because you're going through a trauma or crisis, or major change situation in your life, or if you're struggling to move on from past trauma, change or crisis, I have a free group on Facebook that you can join for support called From Surviving to Thriving.

We often feel like we're on our own when we're struggling to deal with the stress - even if we're surrounded by people. You don't have to go through this alone.

I created this group especially for people who feel like they are just about surviving, as well as others who've gone through heavy stuff in the past and come out thriving, who can share tips on what worked for them.

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Join My Online Program, From Surviving To Thriving

I know what it's like to feel depressed. I also know what it's like to feel burnt out. I've recovered from both more than once.

I know what it's like to deal with the trauma of losing loved ones to suicide, or experiencing my own suicidal thoughts, of dealing with major change like relationship breakdowns and moving to a new country.

I know what it's like to be a carer for someone with a severe and enduring mental illness.

I know what it's like to prioritise everyone else's needs before my own, so that eventually I end up in a heap myself.

I know what it's like to experience severe physical and emotional pain for months on end.

But I also know some amazing tools to get you out of this state of just-about-surviving - because I've done it for myself and countless coaching clients.

I decided to create my online program, From Surviving to Thriving, to help others who are going through a rough time to come out the other end thriving, equipped with tools that they can continue to use in their future whenever life becomes challenging again.

If you'd like to know more about this, I'd love to chat with you - email me at or give me a call on +61 (0) 405 059136 and we can talk through your individual situation to see how I may be able to support you.

Holy Crap, well thats blown my whole thinking process apart.

When you actually take the time to write down your thoughts, you then realise just how self sabotaging you can be.

Wow, it says so much about me, its amazing what my needs are vs what is actually going on.

Phillip Hay
Perth, Australia

I feel compelled to write this as I don't think you know just how much you have helped me in every aspect of my life.

I came to you a couple of years ago a little lost, with no direction, uncertain with a load of demons I was carrying around stemming from my traumatic childhood.

I'm so happy to say that most of those demons have gone, through your continued, down to earth and not-afraid-to-go-there support I have managed to turn my life around! I am now happier than I have ever been, I left my career of 19 years to pursue my dream of helping others, I love myself (this has never been the case before), I have meaningful relationships.

I have self belief and confidence in all areas of my life and mostly I do not have so many dark days now and if a problem arises I no longer find the answer at the bottom of a wine bottle as I now have the new techniques you have shown me on how to handle these.

Your infectious positive vibe and commitment to helping others through everything you do, from our Skype chats to your From Surviving To Thriving program.

As you know some more childhood stuff came up recently, and by doing this course it took my focus away from the negative and helped me focus on the positive, I just felt like I was getting in touch with myself again and didn't have to let those thoughts define my life.

Basically I just want to say thank you for everything, for your energy, your pearls of wisdom, your continued, caring and un-judgemental support, and most of all for my life.

Tina Herring
London, United Kingdom