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Entrepreneurial Heart – Episode 1

In Entrepreneurial Heart – Episode 1 we introduce you to 11 fascinating people – each with causes and on journeys of creating a better world.

Read how…

Akshaya Borkar provides support to Artists
Al Jeffery is changing the way people co-live and co work
Carly Evans helps transition emotional baggage
Dan Thomas helps men develop clear self images
Manish Azad provides easy access to health & nutrition
Phil & Janelle Sherrard’s invention to help clean up our cities
Ryan Ebert makes our workplaces healthier
Shai Wolter designed comfort exercise clothing for women
Shanley McCray’s quest to help writers get published
Shannon Hsu assists people express themselves through dance
Vanessa Cullen supports sufferers of PKD.
Each openly describes their journeys, aspirations and the catalysts that got them started on their specific roads of Entrepreneurial Heart.

We thoroughly enjoyed their passion, commitment and strong desire for making a real difference in the world and sincerely trust you enjoy their stories. Who knows, you may even get inspired to start your own Entrepreneurial Heart journey.

We are also following their lead of making a difference – $5 from each book sale is going to a fund to support new entrepreneurial projects designed to make a difference.

Your purchase will help US make the world a better place

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