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Are these blocks stopping you from your goal of running a small biz?

  A lot of people I know run a small biz these days – sometimes as their only source of income, but often as a hobby biz on the side.   I started my biz in 2006, and it grew very organically along the way initially without the amazing social media we have at our hands today.   Over the years, I’ve coached friends and clients to help them overcome the blocks stopping them from starting, or growing, their small…

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Keep calm and have more fun

Recently I have noticed a bit of a trend going on: more and more of the work I am doing with clients seems to be focused not necessarily on goals so much, but on having more FUN, or raising their vibration from low energy feelings (such as guilt, grief, sadness, shame, resentment) to higher energy feelings. (like joy, appreciation, love, happiness, gratitude etc).   This seems to be a dominant theme around at the moment for the people I am coming across…

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Adventures in Manifesting

To say that I am tad excited right now is a bit of an understatement. I just wrote my first ever chapter…. in my first ever book. Woo! I am a contributing author in the next in the amazing Adventures in Manifesting series, in a title called “Soulful Relationships”. This chapter is a pretty personal, soul-laid-bare kinda story. I can’t really say too much without giving the story away, and you can get to read it yourself when the book…

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Guest blogger: Wake up and see the roses

Step into the World of Colour   Written by Intrepid for In2ition www.facebook.com/myin2ition | www.myin2ition.com.au     How many times have you taken the dog for a walk, got home and not really been able to recount what you saw on your walk, or you only noticed the things you usually look for; the neighbor Tom was out, the sky was blue or over cast, Polly’s roses were still in full bloom, or maybe you critiqued the neighbourhood; the lack…

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Crashing hard – and getting back up again!

At the weekend I went for a ride in the sand dunes with my partner in crime Ben, and a friend of his Jason. Before moving to Perth I had always wanted to learn how to ride motorbikes, but told myself it was a bit too dangerous in the UK so was never something I pursued. Fast forward to 2010 when I met Ben – a guy who is seriously passionate about all things bike-related – and I find myself…

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